Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The little things

My husband isn't a particularly romantic person. He doesn't write me poetries, or buys me flowers on a whim. He doesn't surprise me with breakfast in bed, or plan fancy getaways.

But it's those little things he does for me that reaffirms his love. Like when he buys me a pack of blue m&ms that he knows I love, or when he gently puts a blanket on me at night when it gets cold. When he carries the heavy laundry basket to the washing machine when it's laundry day. When he brings me water when I'm parched from nursing the baby. Or when he kisses me sweetly in the morning before he goes to work, letting me sleep in even when he was tired himself.

Little things.

Easily forgettable things.

But it's those little things that matter.

In the business of day to day grinds and complaints we tend to forget what makes a person loveable. So step back and start finding love again in the little things.