Sunday, August 17, 2014

Marble white

Dear Love,

I am sorry. I truly am.
I'm sorry for my random outbursts, and I'm sorry my tendency to question your feelings for me. But above all, I'm especially sorry if i seem like i don't care, and make u feel unwanted and unloved. Believe me, that was never my intention. If only you knew the depth of my frustrations at myself for letting my fears take over. But you are always there, so patient with me, so loving. You are the man of my dreams. If only i know how to show u that.

My Darling,
It's hard to express the love i have for you simply because its more than i can put into words. It spills through the pages when i try to write it down and it gets lost in a puddle of garbled nothingness when i try to voice it out. You are the perfect man for me, but alas, you are no mind reader. And unless i show u, or tell you, u will not know my heart.

So i vow to love you until you feel the emotions that run through my veins. I will make you feel my immense love for you so you will never have the slightest doubt about what you truly mean to me.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

- I -