Friday, August 13, 2010


By golly, i haven't written in a while. This place has gotten a bit dusty *seeing virtual cobwebs hanging gingerly from the edges of the left screen*.

Swish, swish. begone you pesky proof of an unkempt blog!

Ah, better~~

Alrighty, i have a big announcement to make. 
I have had some... well... rather non-supportive complaints recently about some of the things i write. Which is why i haven't written nearly as often as i used to (really, I can't please everyone even if I try).

But you see, i still get that terrible itch to write sometimes - things I feel, sights I've seen, and stuff I did. You know, just your usual everyday nonsense. But I'm afraid of hurting people's feelings along the way (which...errrr... i guess i already have).

Therefore, this blog will become private effective September of 2010. If you wish to continue reading, feel free to drop me a line, and by the powers vested in me by blogspot, I will grant you access to my world (boring as it may be).

So, happy Ramadhan everyone. 
And just in case i don't hear from you again, have a happy and productive life! =)

Izzy de' Nerd.