Thursday, July 24, 2008

26 years and counting: A Tribute.

Who would have thought that a chance encounter in a foreign land would lead to a life-long love story as sweet as sugar. But that was how it started. Chance. Fate. Destiny. Call it whatever. They met, they fell in love and half a century (+1) later, they're still going strong.

This is the story of my parents; one I've heard over and over again since childhood; one that miraculously, i never tire of hearing.

This is their love story.

Neither came from wealthy families. Far from it. Theirs were families who scrapped to make ends meet. Living life one day at a time. But hardship was not the only thing they had in common. They both had big dreams; dreams that eventually took them to the far corners of the world.

He studied Chemical engineering in UMIST, Manchester. She took up physics in Manchester University. His sharp mind, quick intelligence stunned many. Her brilliance, her quiet charm mesmerized the rest. Ahhh, but neither knew of the other. Their lives were moving on a parallel plane, so near, yet not near enough to cross the other's path.

Summer - a well deserved break after months of hard studying. Both decided to travel to places they had only heard of in childhood. He went alone and she, with friends.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
He was enjoying the sights. And one sight of many caught his eye.

A lady of graceful beauty, lost among the crowd of Caucasians.

As is her nature, she was oblivious to the gaze of this one young man.

Afraid he’d lose sight of her, he went up to her and said hello.

He talked a clumsy, nervous sort of gibberish.

She quietly sat with him, politely listened.

They’ll never admit to it, but it was love at first sight for both.

Enjoying each other's company while waiting for their respective trains.

Before they knew it, it was time to part ways.
There were no hand phones then; no emails; no plausible way to keep in touch.
So they said their goodbyes. Off they went to the lives they once lived where neither knew of the other.

A new semester. New apartments. Another year in college.
Nothing different from the last.
Or so they thought.

Until he saw her, again.
‘Ahh, what miracle is this?' he thought.

For right there, living next door to him was that beautiful lady he had met on his trip.

Chance. Fate. Destiny. Call it whatever.
They met, they fell in love, they were happy.

3 continents, 2 dozen different houses and 5 children later, they're still happy. As should. =)

The End.

I love you! Muahh!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, it's officially over. My love affair with V has finally come to a bitter end. I guess it had been long coming. I had managed to ignore the tell-tale signs of it for most of the time i was with V. I paid no attention when he rejected my internet calls. I ignored his blatant act of blocking anything coming from my country. I always had some sort of secret way to get hold of him, which i did rather persistently. You could say i was clingy for his attention, but insensitive of his feelings.

And to make matters worst, I had been drunkenly and incessantly taking anything and everything from him for well over a month. I used to think it was only appropriate that he should be the one doing all the giving, since he is after all the 'man' of the relationship. It's the law of chivalry. Like holding the door open for a lady. It should be second nature for any honorable man. Or so i thought.

It seems that chivalry has lost its novelty a few centuries ago. And my ignorance of the modern day workings of the male's mind has cost me my love. I don't blame him really; a sensible person would have dumped me on the first date. But V was patient. He tolerated my selfishness for quite a bit.

That was of cos, until patience started to turn to annoyance. I had forced him out of sleep, just one too many times. I'm not even sure which timezone he's used to, nor did i really care to find out. I was on a high. I used him to my heart's desire, never once thinking of how he felt. My selfishness knew no boundary. I was happy, he was not. And things started to get very sour between us.

The last couple of days had been especially rough. He got a restraining order against me. It says quite clearly on my screen as "invalid VEOH file". A piece of my fragile heart breaks everytime i see it. But i don't give up easily. I call him. I beg him. I fall on my knees crying for him to notice me.


He's had enough of me and my constant 'taking', i'm sure.

Hurt. Sad. Heartbroken. Miserable.
I've learned my lesson, painful as it is.
So now it's time to let go.

Sayonara my dear VEOH~
May you find all the happiness i was unable to give you~

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girl on a mission.

I am a girl on a mission.....


I have some brilliantly evil plans brewing in my genius plot to achieve galactic domination, enslave the people of Earth under my steely dictatorial grip and live a life of total power. And i'll start by recruiting little minions like you (yes, YOU - random blog visitors!) to join my force of destruction. Who's with me???

Hahaha.. just kidding. I have no such plans (tho i'm sure it's not wrong for a diabolical genius like me to dream). I do however have a mission for myself. I am on the verge of starting a quest for understanding. This is a perilous and merciless mission i plan to embark on, but hopefully something worthwhile. The idea itself is already exciting me no end. Yes, i am excited about the prospect of learning.... (something)..

Success is within my grasp. I will not fail!! Which is not even an issue here. We self-proclaimed geniuses NEVER fail. It's always the situation that fails to bend to our wills! =P. Anyway, excited as i am, i can't start right away because this unforgiving mission requires thorough planning and preparation.

So I'm giving myself a year. 1 whole year to prepare.
Weee~ I'm lightheaded with excitement. (oppss...spinning..spinning)

(Ahem... clears throat)
I am a girl on a mission...
.....with severe bouts of postural hypotension.

I better go lie down now.. @__@

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

30th William Jones Cup

Yay... it's finally here! I've been waiting for this all summer. Basketball in all its marvelous glory~ Lalalala.. (spinning around in giddy delight~)

Alright alright, i know it's not NBA. But trust me, it's just as good. Besides, NBA can be a bit too much for my taste - all that drama and all those [looks left >_>... and right] ehem... Americans.

Ahhh, but William-Jones is different. Nothing at all like NBA. There's only minimal doses of big, scary-looking guys so consistent with NBA. With William-Jones, it's more like watching athletic versions of my favorite asian boybands playing competitive basketball. Cute guys everywhere!!! And i'm sure everyone knows i'm a sucker for cute guys, can't help it. Add tall and athletic to that, well what can i say, it's triple the hotness level.

Tall and sporty cute guys..... makes me swoon~

Ehem.. anyway, it starts tomorrow. Catch it on ESPN, 3pm.
Oh, and don't let all my girly talk put you off, cos it's really really enjoyable. (^.^)v

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prepare for battle!!

I'm interrupting normal broadcasting for this highly important message:

I'm gonna sound like a complete dork.
But I need to say this, cos it's really troubling me.

I don't like persistent guys.
And i especially hate guys i don't like who are persistent.
[that was a mouthful]

Hmm.. what i'm really trying to say is:
Please give me some breathing space. Please!!
It's really suffocating when someone keeps bugging you.
I can tolerate chatting once in a while, but please not every other day. Don't bother asking for my number. Don't think of asking to meet up and what nots. Oh, and pretty please don't try sweet-talking me, it's creepy.

If we're friends, then act like one.
Stop all the flirting nonsense, i don't like it.

There, i've said it.
So to whoever it may concern, please take note.

-izyan freaking out-

Beeeep... end of message.
Now, back to more DBSK~

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pluto - The star.

Here's an interesting story.
I went to my kid sister's parents-teacher meeting cos both my parents couldn't make it. Anyway, as i was heading to her classroom with my brother, i commented that it's so sad that our sis has to be in her class - 6 Pluto. Yknow, because it's the last planet in the solar system and all.

"Planet??" My brother asked me in a tone obviously meaning to show how idiotic i was. Well, it turns out, astronomers or whoever with authority have unanimously voted Pluto off the elite group of planets in the solar system. This happened approximately 2 years ago.

Yeap, 2 LONG YEARS AGO!!! Where in the world was i when that happened? Probably busy worrying about what to wear to my graduation ceremony or something along that line. And such a momentous news came and went just like that without me even realizing it.

I guess i'm becoming more and more of a "katak bawah tempurung" nowadays. I have absolutely no idea what's happening in the world; or the universe for that matter. Perhaps it's not a big deal for most people. It's not like Pluto losing its planet-title will fail anyone in their exams (except maybe for ignorant astronomy students). In my case, it's far less a significant event.

But now that i think of it, my mom was probably right when she said I have to stop filling my head with cute boybands, funny variety shows or anime and start reading more grownup stuff - like the news whatever.

Erghh. dreads~
I hate having to grow up.

Oh well, in any case, I suppose it's time to say goodbye.
Sayonara dear PLUTO.. it was really nice while it lasted.
You will be missed~

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sword of the Stranger

Totally and absolutely amazing!!!

Yet another anime going into my "Favorite anime" list. And this is hands down one of the better ones. Okay, i may be a bit biased in my review. I seem to have a soft spot for feudal-era, sword-wielding, samurai-fighting, action-packed anime (remember Rurouni Kenshin, Seirei no Moribito??). However, in terms of blood and gore, this movie comes out top among its class. You'd love it - if blood and death are your thing that is.

Anyway, kudos to Bones for going through great pains showing off all those gruesome details - arrows shooting through a person's head, arms chopped off, etc etc... (did i mention lots and lots of gooey blood??).The impressive sword-fighting scenes were especially fun for me because it managed to fulfill my morbid obsession with that deep red thing flowing through the human body. Hahahaha. Nah, i'm kidding. I was squirming most of the time. =P

Obviously not a movie for kids .
But if you're 18 and above, don't miss it!

-Izyan de anime freak-