Thursday, May 15, 2008

Postural Hypotension.

I've always had spells of dizziness, lightheadedness and blurred vision when i stand up too quickly. And i always thought this normal and that it happens to everyone. Last year tho, i found out that i was wrong [learning medicine is cool, eh?]. Anyway, it's called postural hypotension, and it's usually associated with increasing age [as Paan so cheerfully pointed out], pregnancy and underlying chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. I should really stress the fact that I am neither old, pregnant nor diabetic. So maybe in my case it's just a simple problem of my blood pressure dropping too low when i stand up too abruptly.

I however, like to think that this happens due to my height. [hahaha... i love the idea of being taller than the average mass]. Since i'm soooooo tall [note the heavy sarcasm], blood from my body takes quite a while to reach my brain; especially when i stand up to my full height! So what i'm really saying right now is that i'm tall, and u people without postural hypotension are shorties! Hehe... Ain't learning fun?

Now, who was it i remember saying that i've got an old person's disease, Paan?? Bet she's not too tall, huh? hihihi =P

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


If you were a constant reader of my old blog, I’m pretty sure you’d give out a groan of exasperation as you read the title of this post. “Arggghhh, not Ender again!!!” is what you’d probably say.
Well, my apologies. I know I’ve written dozens of post about Ender in my old blog, maybe even to the point of obsession. But there’s a perfectly sensible reason for that. And the reason being simply that Ender is absolutely marvelous; worthy of every agonizing stroke of my keyboard and every virtual space available to me. So yeah, it’s soooo cool I don’t mind starting a whole blog on Ender.
Hahaha.. I don’t usually get all hyper about a book; or a novel for that matter (alright, maybe I do just a teeny bit), but with Ender I just can’t help it. It sucks you straight into it's labyrinth of intensely dark, wicked brilliance and phenomenal emotional depth; you're hooked in an instant. Ask anyone who's had the pleasure of reading Ender. I bet you my pinky finger that they'll say the same thing.
So, some of you might be wondering why I’m writing about Ender all of a sudden. Didn't i finish reading the book more than a year ago? Why write about it now?
Well, they’re making an Ender movie, due to be released sometime this year. And judging how the majority of people I am acquainted with would rather go out to the cinema than enjoy a quiet afternoon reading a book, I’m certain most people will watch the movie version first without ever reading this masterpiece of a writing. Quite a shame really, if u ask me. Movie adaptations rarely live up to their original multi award-winning literature. [Ender's Game won both the Hugo and Nebula awards in 1986]. Granted, sci-fi novels aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But try giving this a chance. You won’t regret it, trust me.
So anyhooo, today I'm feeling extra generous. If anyone's interested in Ender, I can send ye an e-copy of the book (which incidentally was also given to me by an online friend). Just gimme ur email address and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Like me, u'd probably end up buying the whole quartet (i.e Ender's game, Speaker for the dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind) in the end. Yeap, it's that good!
Ahh, Ender’s Game is so darn genius I just have to let everyone get a delightful taste of its awesome-ness~
Read the book first, thank me later.
Peace (^__^)v

Sunday, May 4, 2008

DBSK in the house~

Hi there everyone. Did you miss me? [seeing that my visitors count has increased ever so slightly since my last post, i'm sure u all do miss ME!!!]. Oh, i'm having delusions of grandeur~

Ahem, no no, i'm not daydreaming again. I am merely taking a little breather from the humongous amount of studying I've been (supposedly??) doing. Medical textbooks, lecture notes, and stabilo highlighters aside, i present this lovely song by DBSK.

It's called: LOVE IN THE ICE.

For those odd few with very keen eyes, i know Haz already dedicated this song to Emy-chan in her blog, but me being me, i don't care! So i'm just gonna go ahead and dedicate this song to myself.
me1: thank you!
me2: you're very welcome.

And yes, I've always been this shameless. Don't tell me you didn't notice?? Hahaha.. Oh btw, this is a much less cheesy version than the one Haz posted up. No offence buddy, but that line ["they made us believe in love all over again"] just makes me squirm in all the wrong places. LOL.

Okay people, enjoy. (^____^) v
As for me, it's back to the books.. Sigh~