Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cork Games 2008

Enough said.

Yesterday's Cork Games was a blast.
I'm not saying this just because we won (although, i have to admit that the taste of victory is always schweeeeet!) but also cos it was simply exhilirating just to be able to play netball competitively once in a while.
Ok, so the Games was less than perfect ( but hey, who wants perfection??) and was a little marred by sudden, heavy but amazingly very inconsistent rainpour; dramatically intense hair-pulling moments; big-slobbery dogs trying to eat our food; and countless injuries.

Ahh, and who can forget the 'drama petang' that unfolded in the finals when Haz uttered the words "ITU contact!!" and started an intense blow-up between Belfast and Galway. Hahaha... 'Itu contact' indeed, Haz.

And the irony of it all was that even though we lacked practice, were short of players, and entered the Games hoping not to lose too badly; we ended up being the victor in the end. So, in the wise (but rather joking) words of Kak Idah:

"Kalau tak second, first pon jadi lah"

1st it is, then, K.Idah! =)

Galway - The players.

Mr. Paramedic, you look soooo cool in green~
[One of the players busted her knee pretty badly and we had to call 911]

In between matches - PLAYGROUND TIME!!!!

The pompom girls duo
[Thanx for your constant support and inspirational pep-screaming from the sidelines. Couldn't hv done it without ya!]

Hahaha.. We kicked butts, didn't we girls???!! Yeeeeaah! =P

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Down Memory Lane

Calendar Picture - 1992

Ok, here's the story. I was browsing thru some random blogs last night. Yes yes, i know i shud hv been studying but the neighbors had some sort of wild party and were happily distracting me till the wee hours of morning with their loud music and screaming. So anyway, I stumbled upon this blog of a girl who posted old pictures of herself every friday. I thought it was a cool idea and i've decided to do something like that. I won't be constantly putting up old pictures tho, only when i feel like reminiscing about the past. And i'm sure my parents would love seeing pictures of us kids running around in our underwears. (did i say underwear??? i meant cute little dresses). Hahahaha.. But there's a slight problem - I don't really have any old photos on me right now. Unfortunately, digital cameras weren't invented yet in the olden days. So for now, it'll mostly be recycled pictures i stole from my bro's friendster page [thank you Ude for scanning these].

Grand Canyon, USA (May 1991).
Gosh, I remember that blue sweater with little flowers. Loved it to pieces. I wonder where it is now.

I'm the one in red. Hahahaha... ok, so u can only see my backside, but it's me nonetheless. And yeah, that little Eskimo in blue is my kid bro. This was in our backyard. Can't remember the year tho. I'm guessing 1990.

I've got some nasty pictures of myself back when i was in primary school. Yknow, thick glasses, 'kain banjir', and braces. (no wait, never had braces on =P) But i look pretty geeky all the same. Those pictures would just have to wait till i get home to Malaysia in summer.

Watch this space!! d(^___^)b

Friday, March 14, 2008

Shoot me in the head pls!

2MB3 OSCE exam, March 14 2008 - I blew it!! BIG TIME!!
All i remember from this morning's OSCE was one big mess of a show.

It's a complete mystery how i can do everything to perfection when I'm practicing at home but just as i start with the real OSCE, my mind goes totally blank. Yup, I'm the idiot who forgot to do an observation on the patient before proceeding with the GIT examination. I'm also the dimwit who suddenly remembered that she'd forgotten her inspection and foolishly asked to have a look at the patient again, after thanking the patient and telling her that everything was A-okay. So yeah, i probably failed that station.

And yes, i was also the stupid med student who got tongue-tied when the guy at the respiratory section suddenly asked about lung cancer, after encouraging him to express any concerns that he had. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!! All i really had to do was reassure him; but NOOOOO, i only stared at him with my jaw wide open - utterly speechless!!!... How idiotic could i be???? Arggghhhh... So yeah, i probably fu*cked up that station too.

The fundoscopy section wasn't any better either. I completely forgot my lines, my technique was hideously wrong and i was so nervous doing the test in front of GerFla, the super doctor, that my words became so jumbled up, they were just incomprehensible to the human ear. So that's 3 stations I've failed so far.

Now, if i can still count properly, 3 failures out of 5 is a definitive confirmation that I'm going to be a lousy doctor. [that's assuming I'll even make it to graduation 3 years from now]

Arghhhh, just kill me this instant and end my misery. (=_=)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me~ LaLaLALa~

March 12.
12:01 am.
22 years old.

Yeah, for all you forgetful people out there, today's my birthday!!
You better mark the date in your calendars right away so u'd remember not to forget it next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, to infinity and beyond.

Hehehe. I feel rather cheeky writing about my own birthday but hey, give me the pleasure of basking in the limelight once in a while, okay? Anyway, since it's my birthday, i see it fitting that i'm allowed to ask for stuff. So, I've made a wishlist of things that i want for my birthday. Ha ha ha. C'mon, wipe that worried look off your face, I'm not gonna force anyone to buy me expensive presents against their will. [Abah, you know you're the exception here =P]. Ahem, so here goes:

22 things i want for my 22nd birthday
[in no particular order]
  • Cendol
  • ABC [the icy kind, not the the alphabet]
  • Otak- otak [ again, the food, not the brain]
  • Sate kajang.
  • Laksam
  • Sizzling Yee Mee
  • Char Kue Tiau kerang [gosh, how do u spell that??]
  • Air kelapa muda [nyum nyum]
Why oh why can't they sell all these yummy stuff here in Ireland??
Grr, stop thinking of food Izyan!
Allow me to carry on with my self-centred list:
  • Bonzai. [The last one i had, shrivelled and died. I just don't get it. Why do my plants always die on me?]
  • Sci-fi novels [i've been patiently waiting for these from you, Balong!]
  • keyboard [Please, Abah!! yeaa!!]
  • A bed [Mom, u promised me this, didnt you? after those lousy movers broke my 16yo bed]
  • A dresser. [Actually, i cant decide. Bed or dresser? Can i have both Mom?? You can buy me one of those bedroom set-thingy. Trust me, it's an investment =P]
  • A return ticket to outer space. [in your face, Mr. Sheikh-whoever-astronaut sir!]
Finally, stuff i can't get off the rack:
  • That everyone i know is healthy and happy
  • That my room can stay clean without an effort
  • First class honors throughout the whole of my med-schooling years.
  • Lose weight. [every girls' secret wish]
  • More great friends
  • World peace!
  • Hyun Bin?? [Yes, I want him for my birthday. Ask no questions.]
  • That i become a better Muslim. [this is undoubtedly first on my jumbled-up list of selfish wishes =)]
I guess that's about it. 22 small things i'd like for my 22nd birthday. See, i told ya it wasn't too bad. So whatcha waiting for??? You've got approximately 23 Hours 59 minutes left to get me those presents. The clock's ticking......

Hahahaha... I absolutely love being a pain-in-the-u-know-where. xP

Oh, before i forget.. here's a lil' something for my Mom & Abah:

Now that i've reached the mature age of double 2s, i'd like to say thank you for giving birth to me 22 years ago today, Mom. Thanks for feeding me and plumping me up all these years and turning me from that hideous little thing on the left to that gorgeous one on the right =P ... hahahaha.. Love you MOM! .. and u too, Abah!!

Happy birthday to me!! Yay!

*Edit: Congrates Tateh, on ur SPM result. But 9A1 1B3, unfortunately means you didn't beat me. Muahahahahaha.. best birthday present ever!! =P.. LoL. I'm just kidding. If you're reading this, a B3 in EST is no problemo if ya wanna do medicine. Go for it, Tateh!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cogito Ergo Doleo -- I Think, Therefore I'm Depressed

Listening to:
Aika by Ken Hirai
Current mood:
Ludicrous Degress
Raining fish and squids

For whatever reason, I'm gripped by a sudden bout of homesickness. I think its partly due to the fact that everyone in my family is at home right now and i'm the only one stuck thousands of miles away, here in cold, damp Galway. [hey, that rhymes!] Could also be because of the approaching OSCE exams, MCQs, various deadlines, and finals - none of which I'm actually prepared for. Either way, i feel slightly depressed. My room's a mess. My life's an even bigger mess. I need escape. I need a car. I need ice cream. [totally random]. I need everything i can't have.

Someone, Please save me from myself.

..... Please buy me a car.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beware of dogs - They bite!

Yesterday was the day I declared war on the canine species!!
And no, I don't generally hate dogs, but after being scared out of my wits and humiliated by our small furry friend, i've decided that enough is enough.

You're probably wondering why I'm so pissed.
Let me tell you what happened then.

I was walking to Aya's place yesterday night, minding my own business, when suddenly, out of nowhere, this huge, ferocious thing appeared. At first I kept my cool. I thought " Hey, it's just a dog." But i was wrong. It wasn't just a dog. It was a dog from hell!!

I kept walking, and it kept tailing me. I got scared and it got more excited. It came after me, so i had no choice but to climb up a neighbor's gate. Lucky no one was home. Anyway, I don't really know how to tell a dog to get lost so i shuuuhh it. Yknow, like "shuuuuhhh, shuuuuhhh, go away!!" It eventually did go away. So my 'shuuuh' tactic probably worked. After waiting a good 10 minutes, I decided to make my move. [You never know when the neighbors might get home, see a complete stranger clinging for her dear life on their gate, panic and call the police.] But the moment I jump off from my high ledge of safety, the dog from hell was ready for me.

So, for the second time that night, i became a stunt woman and climbed up one of those brick-divider-thingy between two houses. This time tho, the neighbours were home. And just as fate would have it, a young couple saw me there, on someone else's property, trying to act invincible. They didn't see the dog, which unfortunately for me, made me look even more suspicious. Trying to save myself from having to explain anything to the police, i decided to swallow my pride and yelled to them, "Help me. I'm being chased by a crazy dog!!"

A look of understanding crossed their faces.
They called the dog over, cuddled it, patted it and made weird baby noises - all the usual doggy stuff. Anyway, the little monster looked like it was enjoying the attention so i thought, "Now's my chance!!" and i made a run for Aya's house, just across the street.

VERY bad idea.

Ehem.. Here's a rule of thumb when you're being stalked by a crazed dog - NEVER EVER TRY TO OUT RUN THEM! They'll most definitely catch up to you no matter how fast you think you are. It's simple maths - dogs have four legs and we only have two. A stark disadvantage, i should warn ya!

Funny i didn't thought of that yesterday. Cos i ran. And the dog ran. And it got me cornered. And i was screaming my lungs out and acting all hysteric. (yes ppl, this happened right in front of that cute guy and his lady friend. They must have thought I'd gone cuckoo or something).

Okay, so the ending of my story: i manage to arrive safely at Aya's place. The dog found other innocent ppl to terrorize and everyone lived happily ever after....... or NOT!

Wouldn't life be so much nicer if things were that simple??
But it'd be boring and lame, hence my declaration of WAR!!!!!
Who's with me?? Raise ur hands!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

PARANOIA - d' world is out 2 get me.

I am what I am,
What else can i be?
And I stand where I stand,
I choose to be me,
If you look in my eyes,
You get what you see,
Understand if you can,
That I am what i am.